IAAT REGD NO V-51589/1170/2016-17
IAAT REGD NO V-51589/1170/2016-17


Open the door to new career opportunities through a student membership for students who want to make the most out of their education.

To qualify for a student membership, potential members generally must be enrolled in a degree program related to the association’s career field.

There is no question of that joining a professional association is to their benefit.

1) They get financial discount benefits
2) They can learn more about their future industry
3) They get a chance to interact with industry members who already have a lot of experience
4) While attending events, conferences or workshops, they will meet many people
5) These experience people can be incredibly helpful in assisting them with their job search
6) The membership is also a depository of Knowledge & Experience that can be instrumental in helping them in their career

What do they get in a nutshell?

1) Job opportunities
2) Conferences
Students can attend @ discounted rate & learn from the keynote speaker. When students go for an interview, they can impress the employer by knowing all the trends in the field & they learned from the conferences

3) Standards
Information will be available about CRE & New certifications.
The newsletter will be sent to students that keep students informed about new statics & best practices in the field.
Webinars can be offered on hot topics as well.
Webinars must be only for the life members & student members

4) Code of ethics
The students haven’t already picked up credibility & trustworthiness which are essential as a practitioner in a field, they will attain after joining a professional association

It is vital to understand these codes of ethics inorder to know what is considered best practices & what is accepted in the industry

5) Update on policies

As soon as the students finish their graduation they will be given six months time to upgrade their membership to life membership paying the difference of amount or else their membership will stand cancelled.

Members of our association are student friendly & want to mentor their incoming students as they transition to the corporate world

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