IAAT REGD NO V-51589/1170/2016-17
IAAT REGD NO V-51589/1170/2016-17


The Indian Association of Assistive Technologists (IAAT) is an independent, non-political, secular, not-for-profit Members  Association of Rehabilitation( health) Professionals and providers of Assistive Devices and/or services to people with disabilities and elderly people to live independently.

IAAT is a National Association registered under the society registration act, established in 2016 with Regd No V-51589/1170/2016-17 on 21st March 2017.


To be a national leader in the area of Assistive Technology (AT) and evolve the state of the art approaches for the care of the differently-abled people, and Geriatric Population, through services, education, and research.


  1. To raise awareness of Assistive Technology (AT) and its benefits, to improve the quality of life of the differently-abled population
  2. To provide appropriate AT (products) with consultancy, to individuals who have physical and/or cognitive impairments and disabilities
  3. To take initiative for the enhancement of the selection process of appropriate devices and to improve access to high quality affordable Assistive Products
  4. To provide support and technical expert advice to the concerned Government departments and agencies.
  5. To campaign and network for the rights and interests of those needs AT services
  6. To empower people with disabilities to increase their independence through choices.
  7. To build the professionalism of the Professionals working in the field of Assistive Technology through codes of practice, education, qualification, accreditation, certification, and networking

IAAT Professional, Associate and Student members enjoy these benefits:

Networking Opportunities:

  • A network of nearly 175 highly dedicated student and professional peers.
  • Member to member networking.
  • Unique volunteering opportunities to gain hands-on experience and knowledge of the marketplace


  • Free access to webinars organized by IAAT and a participation certificate.
  • Free access to the journal.
  • Various job postings
  • Free access to various resource materials shared in the WhatsApp group.


  • Discounted rates for the IAAT national conference: receive approved contact hours for professional development.
  • Discounted rates for the IAAT workshops and continuing education programs.